Visual Maps

This is a map of the psyche. The foundation of healing is integrating aspects in the collective and personal shadow with ego self through acknowledging and giving expression to what comes up from the shadow to be seen. Tarot bring awareness to ego of what is in the shadow through our natural birthright to connect to the unconscious through images. Much of what gets relegated to the personal shadow happens in childhood when we develop our egos. The ego naturally wants to be liked, accepted, valued and through the feeling of shame will put into the shadow what is not valued, accepted and liked by family, culture, and peers. This is a natural process. Ego is not bad for doing this. Ego is what is is. We are a social species and ego is how we interact with the world. The collective shadow is the root of each human being. The transpersonal aspect are the archetypes/divine emanations and all we inherit from our ancestors. The collective shadow is spirit without individuation. Ego is the animal body that makes each one of us a “me”. True self or soul is the continual meeting of spirit and animal. We are always soul making.

This map shows the two polarities of energy within all of us. We each have masculine and feminine energies within, no matter if we are man, woman, gender fluid or how we identity with sex and gender. These polarities make up the reality we are in and it is important to balance these two poles within. Often one pole gets put in the shadow in favor of the other as noted above.

This is a map of how tarot cards are broken up.

This map is a breakdown of the minor arcana into the four directions. All ancient cultures honored the four directions and many spiritual tools such as tarot are based in respecting the elements as what makes up our human self. (Note: the court cards are not color coordinated with the directions, there is a Page, Knight, King, Queen for each suit.)

This is a list of the major arcana in order. From the masculine pole The Fool travels in linear order through each archetype, learning lessons that build character. From the ego’s point of view, the goal is always to “get the things” in life but from the soul’s perspective we are incarnated to evolve the true self. The Fool evolves through integrating each archetype until reaching the World, completing the journey and returning to the Fool once again. From the feminine pole there is no linear progression, the archetypes dance in the collective shadow and connect to ego in no particular order.