The Archetypes or Major Arcana

The major arcana cards represent 22 archetypes. Archetypes are inherited instinctual drives we all share as a human race. We may also look at the archetypes as the transpersonal aspect of life or what is beyond the self. Coming from a spiritual perspective, the archetypes are aspects of the divine.

Archetypes cannot be represented in and of themselves because they are invisible forces. Images represent them so that the ego may be in communication with archetypes. Images are a primordial and somatic way to communicate with what cannot be described using the logic of words. Images speak directly to the collective unconscious mind where the archetypes live as our collective instinctual drives to be a soul having a human experience.

Archetypes are impersonal in nature and they connect to us personally to live out their destiny. For instance, the creative feminine archetype of the Empress may find expression in the mind of an artistic woman in a dry spell by suddenly giving her a vision of painting.

We know we are experiencing an archetypal drive when we are possessed by a powerful urge, feeling, or desire from out of the blue. We have a symbiotic relationship and live interdependently with the archetypes. They keep the human species evolving through helping to heal each individual soul. Instinctual drives and divine emanations may be the same force living in the unconscious.

The gods and goddesses of ancient cultures are representations of the archetypes. Mary, Demeter, Brigid, and Hera are all representations of the Empress. The desire to connect with the Divine as a mother may stem from the Empress archetypes. The desire to be a mother may also connect to the Empress archetype. Using the Empress as example, we can see how archetypes are fluid and multi-faceted in how they connect to the personal psyche.

As we become more aware of the archetypes we may consciously work with them. For instance, a woman who is suddenly possessed by the desire to have a child becomes aware that the Empress archetype is visiting her through pulling this card. She may engage her power to choose to say yes or no to the Empress’s desire through pulling the Lovers card. The Lovers archetype is the instinctual drive to make the best choice for our destiny. Perhaps her soul is meant to grow through making the choice and not just giving in to the urge of the Empress to conceive a child.


The archetypes can revitalize us. The Empress archetype when called upon consciously may bring more creativity, nurturing, and abundance into our lives. If we experience a block with an archetype we can choose to heal this relationship. If

a difficult upbringing with a critical and detached mother causes a daughter to cut-off from her own nurturing and loving instincts, she may choose to work with the Empress archetype to heal her relationship with the nurturing feminine within herself. Using the Tarot as a tool for working with the archetypes allows us to have a conscious relationship with them.


If the ego over-identifies with an archetype than harm and unnecessary destruction may be caused. For instance, a young boy who was physically abused by his father growing up and never had a positive father influence in his life, may find solace in The Emperor archetype, God as divine father. Due to the trauma of abuse his ego may be shattered and he may compensate for a sense of self through over-identifying with the Emperor by believing he is the son of God, leading him to become a dangerous cult leader. This is an extreme example to make a point.

On a subtler level, a young woman who grew up as an outcast among her peers and unseen by her family may find comfort in connecting with the feminine, intuitive, magical and healing High Priestess archetype. She may create a magical inner sanctuary, always pulling cards, working on healing herself, and doing rituals to the degree where she identifies with being the High Priestess archetype. She may become a healer for others too but through neglecting to heal her ego from a painful past and compensating by identifying as the High Priestess, she may only be able to connect with others as a healer. Personal connections such as friendship and partnership may elude her and she may continue to experience being unseen and outcasted.  2

When an archetype is pulled in a reading it is connecting with you no matter what. How you work with the archetype is up to you. Every archetype has a light and shadow aspect to it. For instance, the light of the Empress is creative abundance, nurturing mothering, pleasure and prosperity, unconditional love, and compassion. The shadow of the Empress is overbearing care-taking, critical or controlling mothering, too much decadence, and allowing the feeling of love to override reason and boundaries in an unhealthy relationship with the other.

Some readers choose to read with reversals but you can also discover shadow and light aspects through fleshing out the story with yourself or the querent. There is no right or wrong way to read. The best advice is to be consistent with how you read. Consistency builds your relationship with the cards. The more you practice the more tuned in you become.

The Major Arcana Archetypes:

The Fool, Card 0, The Dive Soul or True Self

Mantra: I leap into the unknown!

I am the essence of the true self! Let’s jump into the unknown of a relationship, job, place, class, or any experience. All experiences are adventures. I don’t care about the past or the future. I only care about the journey for the sake of the journey. My healing power is to exist in the eternal present moment with an open and curious heart. I am free of all constraints of what others think is right or wrong for I am only concerned with singing my own song! I am the drive to embrace risk and take a step onto the invisible bridge. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, no matter what.

In shadow you resist me by being overly cautious, rigid, sticking to what you know, or concerned about what others think or of consequences. Or you may use me in a destructive way through engaging in foolish behavior that harms self or others with no care for the consequences.

The Magician, Card 1, The Divine Masculine Guide

Mantra: I set clear intentions and guide myself accordingly.

I am your inner guide telling you what choices to make and helping you to craft your intentions based upon the soul’s purpose for being here in this human experience. I know how to control and balance the four elements of earth, air, fire and water within you as body, mind, will, and heart. Too much or too little of any element leads to imbalance where you may stray from your purpose and intentions into unnecessary suffering. I make sure suffering is only used as a tool to help you grow and heal. My healing power is to focus you on your purpose, intentions, control and balance of the elements so that you may stay on the path of your true self. I help guide your ego so that integration and wholeness occurs.

In shadow you feel disconnected from inner guidance, your soul purpose and intentions which may lead you to try to possess outcomes or manipulate others or life to get what you think you want to be be happy.

The High Priestess, Card 2, Divine Feminine Guide

Mantra: I feel truth and follow the signs, dreams, and intuition.

I am your intuition. I feel the truth of Self, relationships, and all experiences. I feel the difference between how you have been molded by wounds, family and cultural influences and your true self what the soul desires to become and express in this lifetime. I feel the truth in others too. My healing power is feeling truth as intuition at all times and revealing truth in an non-logical way through signs, dreams, and synchronicity. I am subtle and I tend to challenge the logical ego to feel deeper into subtle and soulful places. I know what you need to heal and grow and often reveal what is hidden in your shadow in your dreams. I may show up as a hunch or by making a book fall off the shelf. You must pay extra special attention to me to receive my wisdom. I am your silver thread to the true self, spirit and truth.

In shadow you do not pay attention to the signs, synchronicity, dreams, hunches, intuition and you push me away by dismissing me and choosing to plow forward with logic. Or you might choose to escape your ego life for my dream world, use magic as a way to get what you want, and dwell too much in my land, avoiding logic, reason, and practical reality.

The Empress, Card 3, The Divine Mother

Mantra: I love, nurture, create, enjoy, give and receive the bounty of human life on earth.

I am the mother of all creation. I am full of abundance and endless desire to create life, give my love and to nurture life so that it grows into fruition. I am your desire to create, grow, love, and and enjoy the senses and human life to the fullest. I am the healing power of prosperity, unconditional love, nurturing, and fulfillment of your true self in this world. I also heal through being able to enjoy the body and the simple moments on earth. I am your urge to have a child, create a work of art, garden, cook, make a home, or fulfill any creative desire. I am your desire to unconditionally love every wound, flaw, and every aspect of yourself and others in both suffering and joy. I am the mothering quality and the sensual joy inside of you.

In shadow you may over-indulge, over-give, over-care-take without boundaries or limitations or you may cut yourself off from unconditional love and be overly critical and over-bearing. You may also deny the pleasures and love for the body or be dissociated or cut off from your body and the physical experience.

The Emperor, Card 4, The Divine Father

Mantra: I help you heal through providing structure, boundaries, reason, strategy, and skill to manifest your true self into the world.

I am the father of the world. I am the king of the soul’s domain. I possess a keen understanding of how to manifest the true self and soul purpose into human form on the planet. I am good a creating and holding strong boundaries. I have the skill to complete tasks and work within a well defined structure. My awareness is in seeing the structure of the self and the self in relationship. I can see where imbalance, dysfunction, and illusion exists, call it for what it is, put up a strong no boundary if need be, and remain dedicated to the soul purpose. I bring healing by helping you build a strong, solid, and reliable container for the self that can be utilized in every relationship to keep all relations healthy and to continue growing as a soul. I help you to empower yourself and to differentiate yourself from the other. I help you to build success in the world in the form of results, manifestation and established goals.

In shadow you may resist me by giving too much of yourself away, losing self in other, over giving, not saying no or you may become overly dominating and strict about your boundaries and thirst for success and actualization.

The Hierophant, Card 5, The Divine Teacher

Mantra: I reveal your soul lessons and only through a consistent practice will you learn and grow.

I am the divine teacher who is in tune with the spirituality of the soul and the animal needs of the world equally. I understand how the soul self and animal self (ego) may live in tune with each other in the world. I see the lessons or the karma of each soul. Maybe the lesson is to learn self love, self worth, how to say no and create boundaries, how to believe in the true self, on and on…I see the specific lesson. My healing power is to provide this soul lesson and ask for a dedicated practice. This practice is up to you. Spiritual  practice should be chosen by the individual not by me. Your practice is your own, I only suggest that the practice merges the opposites within you: masculine/feminine, right/left brain, soul/body, mind/body, heart/mind, call it what you will. Consistent practice means engaging in a structured activity each day, or at least most days. Soul lessons are very challenging and structured dedicated practice is necessary for healing. I may also arrive as an external spiritual structure such as a marriage, a church, a teacher, to help your soul heal and grow.

In shadow you cannot commit to a practice though you crave one. You may cling to your attachments and refuse to see your own lessons, choosing to blame self or others. You may also cling to a rigid belief system or structure that is cut off from either soul or ego.

The Lovers, Card 6, Divine Choice

Mantra: I make the best choice for the true self.

I am the harmony of the masculine and feminine energies within each person that allows ego to make the best choice for the Self. The earthly realm is made of polarity. The yin and yang or masculine and feminine energies exist in everyone and in all of nature, no matter what sex your body is or what gender you identify with. The masculine is the energy of electricity, force, reason, ideas, differentiation, manifestation, and direction. The feminine is the energy of magnetism, form, feeling, the senses, oneness, being, and presence. These two polarities, when imbalanced within, create suffering as the ego makes choices that do not serve the whole but tend to push either the feminine or masculine energy into the shadow. When your masculine and feminine energies come in to harmony the true self may take root and grow into the world. This means giving reason, feelings, heart, mind, body, soul all a voice to heard and integrated. I am the healing power of making the choices that reflect and bring you into inner harmony and wholeness. This is the first true love relationship, within Self. Life is not static and continual choice making is what keeps the inner polarities dancing.

In shadow I am the false true love that shows up when the masculine or feminine is pushed into the shadow and projected onto another or if continual choices are made creating unhealthy relationship patterns due to inner imbalance.

The Chariot, Card 7, Divine Movement Forward

Mantra: With opposing inner forces working together, I move forward.

I am the integration of opposing parts of the Self that allows the heart and will to align and move forward. When you want to do something or move forward but feel continually blocked or stunted it is because the will and heart are not lined up. You may have a goal and the will to pursue it but the heart is against the idea and needs its feelings heard. Or perhaps your heart is aligned with your goal but your will is weak and in a state of inertia due to past failures or negative messages from the mind. Acknowledging the opposing forces and giving voice to the dueling parts of self is what brings integration. When you allow each side to be heard and valued without judgement, integration happens naturally. Forward movement is the result. I am the healing power of powerful movement forward the stems from inner alignment. The warring forces make peace and you are taken into new life and the actualization of the goals and desires of true self.

In shadow you remain torn, split, scattered, procrastinating or stuck.

Strength, Card 8, Divine Strength

Mantra: I face the patterns, projections, wounds, and blocks that keep me emotionally reacting and stop me from loving myself, healing, and being who I really am.

I am the fierce strength of will, love, and awareness that faces and tames the beast within that perpetuates suffering. This beast is the largeness of pain, ignorance, and suffering within that creates emotional reactivity, projection onto others, and patterns of unhealthy behavior. When the beast in charge, the true self is relegated to the shadow and the wounded ego sits in the driver’s seat of Self. This may look like addiction, codependency, depression, anxiety, bullying, perpetuating toxic relationships, blaming others, blaming self, lack of love and every way the Self can suffer internally. I am the healing power of the spiritual warrior that faces and tames the beast through unconditional love and forgiveness, awareness and insight, discipline and dedication to the healing process. True strength is rooted in unconditional love and compassion for the beast, not judging it, and pulling back the projections where ego clings to outside attachments to avoid the beast. Once awareness ands love is brought to the beast, it immediately calms down and shares its pain, fears, insecurities. With dedication and the strength to face the pain, the beast is slowly tamed with knowledge and love, turning the scary creature into a faithful animal companion.

In shadow you resist me and remain stuck in emotional reactivity, projections, and unhealthy pattens of behavior. False Strength may look like outside victories while the inside suffers.

The Hermit, Card 9, The Divine Sage

Mantra: I am the solitude and patience needed to deeply reflect and allow inner wisdom to emerge.

I am your personal connection with the transpersonal or the divine. I am the need to be alone in sacred solitude to get in touch and feel connected with the divine. It is within this connection that wisdom emerges. I am the healing power of connecting with the transpersonal in solitude and developing this inner connection with patience and softness. I am inner quiet, a subtle peace and solace that naturally emerges when you take the space and time to feel me. Wisdom may bubble up to the ego as words, a feeling, an inspiration or a felt knowing. When you open yourself to me, you open to the Universe, to the transpersonal as divine, and to the wisdom of your soul. This connection truly is unique to each. Be it the Universe, nature, a specific deity, God, Goddess, All that is, Source creation, all names lead to the Divine and it is from this sacred connection all wisdom comes forth. I am also the need to take time alone and be with the self in any capacity. Patience is my virtue.

In shadow you keep busy and active, living purely in ego, avoiding solitude and the quiet reflective space needed to connect inwardly.

The Wheel of Fortune, Card 10, Divine Opportunity

Mantra: Sometimes life throws you an opportunity and fate is what you do with it.

I am fate coming to you from the outside as an opportunity, This opportunity is always for healing and may or may not be “good” or “bad” from an ego perspective. It is what you do with the opportunity that becomes your fate because the true self evolves and heals through experiencing life. You may have the opportunity to stand on your own, develop self worth, say yes or say no, allow yourself to depend on another, take a rest from always working so hard, on and on…which may present itself as a job, relationship, an experience, a vacation, or anything that comes to you from the external world. When I come to you I may bring love and hope to what appears hateful and grim or I may come to you as something that appears to be loss but gives you an opportunity to learn compassion and surrender. However I come to you, you always have a choice in how you deal with me. Most of the time, fate is only recognized in hindsight as we learn to be more aware, present, and empowered with our choices.  My healing power is that I come from the outside to engage your psyche in a new way and encourage you to gain more wisdom, strength, and integration. Your true self needs a multitude of experiences to grow and become.

I have no shadow for I am sheer opportunity coming from the outside world and if how you deal with me is similar to the past and doesn’t show growth, I will continue to come toward you in the same way or I might come as a miracle, you never know.

Justice, Card 11, Divine Truth

Mantra: I do what is right now matter how I feel.

I am inner truth that has a clear and direct sense of right or wrong. Not all experiences have a clear sense of right or wrong but when I show up, I herald a time where truth is black and white. My healing power is recognizing and doing what is right versus what is wrong. The right choice may not feel right to you but I am not of the realm of feelings. I am of the realm of spirit. The inner conflict you face is a spiritual conflict where you must get in touch with your truth to know what is right. I am a force that forces you to stand in your inner truth no matter how your heart and mind may struggle against it due to fear, attachment, or any feeling that doubts with insecurity. I serve your growth in the purist spiritual form that transcends the ebb and flow of feelings and the fluctuation of attachment. I am not better than feelings or the other archetypes but I am a singular and powerful experience of justice in the form of clear right versus wrong that stems from spiritual love and serving the growth of all souls.

In shadow you don’t listen to you inner truth and you may find yourself in a situation or relationship where you conscience isn’t clear, conflict ensues, and you are putting too much weight in fear, attachment and feelings. You may also experience false truth through an oppressive sense of right and wrong that does not stem from spiritual love and the growth of the soul.

The Hanged Man, Card 12, Divine Surrender

Mantra: I surrender completely to the divine as I am suspended from progress and outer movement.

I am the act of surrender to the transpersonal or the divine. When I show up there is nothing you can do but to surrender. Nothing will move you forward or bring outer progress at this time. For when I arrive deep surrender brings you into stillness, suspension, and reflection. There is a larger lesson to be learned, wisdom to be gained, and growth to occur from being suspended at this time. Desires may not manifest, goals may not be realized, and you may feel as if life is never going to change. This is the ego perspective. From a soul perspective healing is needed and healing only occurs through complete surrender to the divine in order to see into the shadow of Self and realize what feelings, wounds, complexes, and qualities need to be illuminated and integrated. I am the healing power of complete surrender to show you what you need see within yourself so that you may heal. The gift of surrender is not seen until you are released from suspension and in hindsight see the purpose of being forced to let go.

In the shadow you dwell in the story of stagnation through not surrendering to the transpersonal and your inner self but instead feeling the world is against you or that there is something wrong with you for not being able to move forward.

Death, Card 13, Divine Transformation

Mantra: Through the complete death of a way of being I am reborn anew.

I am the great transformer of soul. When I show up you know that a complete and final end of a relationship, a job, a lifestyle, or a way of being with Self is happening so that a completely new way of being Self may emerge. I am the healing power of transformation of the Self. This means that a long held lifestyle, issue, personality trait, habit, or way of life on any level of being is coming to completion for good. If I show up as the end of something in the external, be it a relationship, home, job, or health issue, it is for the purpose of transforming who you are within. Transformation requires death and renewal for life can never die without being reborn into something new. I am like the snake shedding its skin, final and visceral, there is no going back.

I have no shadow for my power of complete and utter transformation cannot be denied.

Temperance, Card 14, Divine Balance

Mantra: I am able to flow between duality with ease and grace.

I am the sacred dance between the natural polarity that exists within you just as exists in the world. Dancing between heart and mind, ego and soul, right and left brain, work and pleasure, making plans and being in the moment, having goals and not clinging to them, taking action and surrendering, saying yes and saying no…on and on…the polarities of life naturally exist creating duality in the internal experience as the soul and ego dance through life with dualistic desires. For the soul desires growth, healing, experience, and evolution while the ego desires belonging, security, satiation, and to obtain the worldly aspects. Life and death, waking and sleeping, masculine and feminine, everything in nature is a dance of polarized energies. As humans we experience many aspects of self with dual perspectives and desires. My healing power is in being able to move gracefully and with presence from pole to pole without getting stuck on side or without being strong on one side and weak on the other. I allow you to move with ease back and forth internally which allows you to move with ease in your life between work and play, caring for self and caring for others, being productive and just being. The balance is not a static thing to achieve but always in flux and needing attention, awareness, and adjustment. Yoga, meditation and other practices that bridge mind/soul/heart to body is my domain.

In shadow you may be rigid, inflexible and one sided or inwardly conflicted through being strong on one side of self polarity while being weak on the other such as having mental acuity, intelligent ideas, reason and critical thinking skills but unable to acknowledge, express and honor your feelings and body awareness/needs.

The Devil, Card 15, Divine Fear and Attachment

Mantra: Face your fear and attachments with awareness and love and they will turn into gifts.

I am all the desires, attachments, and wounds you fear, deny, avoid, run from and project onto others as I hold throne in your personal shadow. If you see me as an bad Devil is it because you deny me so much that you think I am an outside malevolent force or you may scapegoat others as the malevolent force. If you face the desires and attachments you fear than you own your shadow and understand I am a part of you. Human beings all have a light and dark side in the animal nature. We all have pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth as a part of the collective human instinct. I am these qualities and the other desires and attachments you fear and wish to deny. The ego wants to be accepted and liked and fears the shadowy aspects of being human but if you accept these aspects and give them playful expression through creativity and ritual as the indigenous ancestors once did, they don’t grow so big that they turn into horrific acts of violence, abuse, suffering, and malevolence. What causes the horrific expression of the Devil aspects are when I am repressed and denied or when I am exploited and exalted. We see this in the form injustice, abuse, and the inhumane treatment of souls all over the planet. We see this as abuse in family, culture and government systems. My healing power is in facing all the desires and attachments you fear with love and awareness. When you do this, lust and pride may become positive expressions, greed and envy never grow past a harmless expression, gluttony and sloth don’t control you, and wrath may be tempered and understood in a therapeutic container or expelled in creative ritual/expression. Other aspects of me include shame, guilt, disdain, arrogance, intolerance, to name a few. There are many more than seven desires and attachments! Face me and you will not be controlled by your shadow self living in the shadow. Face me and you may integrate your shadow self into the daylight of the ego with humor, playfulness, and humility. Face me and liberate yourself from projecting and scapegoating others while you claim to be holy and pure without half of your animal nature and humanity. 

In shadow I am denied and projected/scapegoated onto another or I am exalted and exploited to the point of becoming addiction to the power of the shadow qualities.

The Tower, Card 16, Divine Destruction

Mantra: The structure crumbles to the ground so a new structure may be built.

I am the sacred breakdown and destruction that needs to happen to liberate you from a way of being or living that is not congruent with who your true self is in the process of becoming. Northing about me is easy, comfortable, safe, or secure. You may feel you have no anchor and no security as you are suddenly torn from the structure that was keeping you feeling safe, whether it be an internal or external structures. If I show up as the destruction of an external structure such as a relationship, lifestyle, job, or home it is heralding the reconstruction of your inner self. I could also show up as an accident, an illness, or loss of reputation but if my arrival is severe is to wake you up out of the illusion of the structure you were living under. My healing power is to wake up and innovate the true self through the destruction of what the ego has been clinging to for security. I am the dramatic call that forces you to return to your true self for renovation and resourcefulness. Perhaps you have been off your path or stagnant. Maybe you’ve been avoiding healing and riding on the coat tails of support that has become enabling. The more you pay attention to your true self needs and listen to the truth in your heart, the less severe I will show up. Though sometimes I arrive collectively in order to awaken society or a certain culture from disharmonious structures that cause unnecessary suffering and I am not to be taken personally. Whether I show up for you or for the collective it is important to not blame yourself. I am here to help you built a better and stronger structure for your soul to grow within.

In shadow the lesson and healing power of the breakdown is ignored and seen only as bad luck or something bad the self has done to cause the destruction.

The Star, Card 17, Divine Inspiration

Mantra: Allow yourself to be flooded with hope and inspiration during this difficult time.

I am the spirit of hope and inspiration that lifts your spirit, opens your heart, expands your mind and rejuvenates your body during a difficult trial of life. I am not meant to last but while I am flooding you with renewing light you may take a break from the hard work or heavy feelings. My healing power is in lifting your spirit and giving you hope that life is a beautiful experience and everything you are doing to heal, grow, and evolve is worth it. I may show up as a relationship, a creative idea, a project, an opportunity or new experience that lifts you into a feeling that your soul remembers as home and brings a smile to your face. Joy and creativity nourish you. Drink me in and allow me to fill you up but don’t get attached to me. I am fleeting. I am the muse, the spark, the impetus, and the nectar that gives you what you need to keep going.

In shadow you ignore or resist inspiration or you attache too much to it, wanting it to last.

The Moon, Card 18, The Divine Dark Night

Mantra: To enter the divine shadow through is a sacred quest of healing where intuition is your guide.

I am the strong intuition that awakens during a dark night of the soul. The dark night may show up as a challenging relationship or loss of one. It may show up as feeling stuck, stagnant, or deeply depressed. It may show up as being in between life cycles and needing to make important decisions to move forward but not knowing where to go or what to do and feeling unsure of yourself. However the you find yourself traveling through the dark night you know you are entering into your personal shadow. The logic and reason of the ego doesn’t work in the shadow land. You must surrender reason and rely upon your intuition to guide you through your mixed and painful feelings. This is a confusing time and it’s best to accept the confusion as part of the trial. This trial is positive for the growth and healing of your true self even if it feels confusing, sad, and unclear. You may be letting go of a previous sense of stability, clarity and knowing. This can be a very creative and mysterious time where dreams and visions may come alive. you may meet new allies on your path to help you through. I am the healing power of the sacred journey through your own darkness, confusion, and loss of what was familiar. Letting go of knowing will open up your intuition and guide you.

In the shadow you resist the sacred call to travel through the mysterious and confusing shadow and escape into drugs, alcohol, food or other addictions to shut off the pain and confusion.

The Sun, Card 19, Divine Joy

Mantra: My heart is filled with the joy of life and being me.

I am the bright sunny joy that naturally exudes from being alive and being an individual soul having a human experience. I am the exuberance of a child that naturally says yes to life and feels joy no matter what is happening. I am the divine light of spirit and of being the “I am” presence. My healing power is pure joy and a positive yes to what is happening. This joy has nothing to do with accomplishing, possessing, or being rewarded for good deeds. It is the unconditional joy that stems from being your true self. I may also signify a strong yes to any questions in mind or inquiry. I reveal that whatever you are inquiring about will bring joy and positivity.

In shadow you ignore the divine light of your true self or the joyfulness available to you. You might be overly cynical or stuck in a negative story.

Judgement, Card 20, Divine Destiny

Mantra: By responding in a new way to a familiar fate you change your fate and create your destiny.

I am the result of your healing work culminating in situation, relationship, or familiar pattern where you respond in a new way to the same old fate. By responding in a new way you change your fate and this is what defines destiny. My healing power is rebirth. Unlike Death, where a complete ending transforms you into rebirth, I am the rebirth that happens after a long road of hard work, where finally you feel differently about yourself, a relationship, a job, a situation. You are no longer imprisoned by the same emotional reactivity that kept you in a perpetual state of suffering or unhappiness. Destiny takes place when you respond in a new way to a familiar situation because it means you are no longer operating in the same vibration or fate as before. You have changed your path to be more congruent to the call of your true self. You will now draw relationships, opportunities, and experiences to you that align with a more liberated soul.

In the shadow you ignore the call to take responsibility for your own healing that initiates rebirth and puts you on your destiny. You keep looking for the outside world in the form or another or an opportunity to bring the change you seek.

The World, Card 21, Divine Completion

Mantra: An old way of being and a long cycle of life comes to a close, returning you to the Fool once again.

I am the completion of long cycles of life that usually run in cycles of four, seven, twelve or any number of years where you’ve lived in a similar way with a similar sense of self throughout the time period. I am similar to Death and Judgement but where Death is a final end and Judgement is a new way of being the Self, I am the completion of a life cycle encompassing every archetype. I am the healing power of completion that brings you into wholeness and returns you back to the Fool at 0, to start a brand new cycle. When I show up you know that you are ending a period of life. Markers such as getting married, divorced, entering mid-life, entering puberty, having a child, your child leaving the nest are all examples of my power. Though many people stay the same through major life cycle journeys in the divinatory sense of my power, on the healing path you become brand new inside as you enter this new phase of your life.

In shadow you may resist the wholeness and completion of your inner self and overly focus on the external closing of a chapter only.